Thursday, October 23, 2008


The Venturi Voltage concept, the result of a collaboration with Venturi Automobiles and Michelin (which premiered at the Mondial 2008 Paris Motor show)marks a major step foward in the evolution of the automobile.This new Venturi incorporates innovations which have enabled radical changes in terms of vehicle's architecture, style and dynamic behaviour and, more generally, the design of a modern vehicle.

The Voltage boasts a long list of innovation which consists of killer featurettes such as a 4 drive wheel that incorporates 2 electric motors per wheel (1 for suspension and 1 for drive)a total of 8 electric motors, a dashboard touchscreen that the driver can configure as he wishes, and carbon fiber body works which carries batteries within its very structure (being that the Venturi is an electric car).

All these changes constitute world premieres which, with the presentation of the Voltage, reinforce Venturi's capability for costant innovation, as welll as its position as the most advanced in the field of electric vehicles. The car presented in its world premiere is entirely operational and prefigures the production of a limited series of this model, sheduled for 2012.

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